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  • What are the duties of a Wedding DJ?

    By: Emir Feliciano

    In the events and entertainment industry, we have a great variety of artists, orchestras and musical genres for all kinds of occasion and need. Today, in the same way we have several types of DJs for all types of activity or occasion.

    We have given ourselves the task of writing this article for the purpose of guiding all clients, wedding coordinators and events. We will expose the most common DJ types; but above all we will describe: What are the duties of a “Wedding DJ”?

    To begin we will describe the three types of DJs most common and their characteristics according to the industry:

    1. Club DJ
    2. Artist DJ (Producer DJ)
    3. Wedding DJ

    Club DJ

    The “Club DJ” is a musician who is usually hired directly by the “manager” or owner of a “Club”. Occasionally, the same could be employed in the same business. The “Club DJ” usually complies with sounding the music of the moment (Top 40’s), its duty is to accept requests from customers and adapt to the tastes of the audience that frequents that venue.







    Artist DJ

    Artist DJ or DJ Producer. DJs in this category are usually hired through a promoter or an “Artist Manager”. Usually, “Artist DJs” are requested for concerts and major events; although they may not be limited. These are the creators of their own music and are limited to making premeditated songs by their record label or team.






    Wedding DJ

    The “Wedding DJ” is a service provider prepared just for weddings. They have the duty to present themselves professionally and in formal dress. These should be several hours before the activity and above all you should be familiar with the wedding protocol. The “Wedding DJ” is prepared prior to the activity communicating with its clients, requesting a song list and is oriented according to the needs of the same giving confidence, so that it is a success. At all time the “Wedding DJ” is collaborating with the Wedding Planner synchronizing the events according to the wedding protocol. The “Wedding DJ” has the duty to please the musical requests of his clients and above all to be prepared musically for events such as:

    1. Music for the Ceremony
    2. Music for the Cocktail Hour
    3. Wedding Reception Music
    4. Bride and Groom’sĀ First Dance
    5. Parents Dance (Daughter/Father Dance) (Son/Mother Dance)
    6. Bouquet Throwing and Gartner Remowal songs
    7. Party & Dance Music. Among others …







    Be sure to hire a “Wedding DJ” when it comes to celebrating your wedding. Ask about offers and other services they provide. Btw .. do not forget to leave a tip as they usually are the last to retire from a wedding.

    By: Emir Feliciano