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  • Photo Booth: The New Must Have for Weddings

    By: Emir Feliciano

    Every day new advances and inventions are promoting improvements in our technology. As technology evolves, the same as a consequence brings changes to our culture; since we have new tools that allow us to do our daily work in a more efficient and innovative way.

    Today, thanks to technology, the wedding industry has a new product for entertainment and photography; these are called “Photo Booths”.







    What is a Photo Booth?

    A Photo Booth is a portable photography studio for the purpose of taking pictures and printing them immediately. Sometimes “Photo Booths” often look like a photo kiosk, a photo booth or a modeling area for photos … all according to the service provider.

    Have fun at your wedding

    Photo Booth is also a portable photography studio, it has the purpose of providing fun to your wedding .. since it has fun articles like antifaces, glasses, hats, helmets, toys, signs and a number of articles that promote fun and joy to their activity.







    Photobooth or Photographer?

    There is no doubt that the result of a Photo Booth is the printing of photos instantly; but it is to mention, that the purpose of the Photo Booth is not the replacement or solution to a Wedding Photographer. But rather, this is a fun season that leaves formal and elegant photography; to provide a more informal and fun experience.







    Print a Memory

    Photo Booths have photo-quality printers; These can print your photos in different sizes. Whether conventional formats such as (rectangular photo): 4 “X 6” or the (linear photo) “books” 2 “X 6”, among others,,,








    For the benefit of the customers, Photo Booth service providers usually create a personalized design with the names of the bride and groom, colors, designs, according to their preference. In addition, some providers may offer other services such as “Photo Online” or connecting and sending photos through social networks.

    Usually the Photobooth are hired for about 2 hours in wedding activities.







    Finally, today Photo Booth has become a “Must Have” in the wedding and event industry; since these usually offer a fun and very familiar experience, providing a unique touch to any party.

    By: Emir Feliciano